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56KPOP Harris Solder Kit - Safety-Silv 56% Brazing Alloy, 1 Troy Ounce w/ Flux



Solder: For ferrous and nonferrous alloys. Often used to braze stainless steel. High silver content alloy; makes premium-quality brazes. Free flowing with unsurpassed capillary attraction and deep penetration with high ductility. Suitable for use in the food processing industry.

Flux: An all-purpose, low-temperature flux for use in silver brazing. Use with most ferrous and non ferrous metals, not recommended on aluminum, bronze, magnesium, and titanium.

Additional Information

Part Number 56KPOP
Size 1 Troy Ounce Solder, 1.75 oz Flux
Thickness 1/16 in

56% Silver
22% Copper
17% Zinc
5% Tin
Cadmium free

Manufacturer Harris